Join us for an insightful chat on THE FIX with Sweet Touch Foundation, DJ Riccachet and Thera-P. The brothers tell us about how they started really getting into music at the age of 4 and how that passion became unwavering over the years. We hear about some of their early influences in the Toronto scene. We asked about their own unique styles and how they were able to push and influence each other as siblings. Being in the game for a hot minute, the bros tell us about the transition to Serato and discuss some of the intricacies of vinyl vs digital. STF has had a strong social media and branding presence, and we discuss some of the details behind their strategy. We delve into A-Trak’s recent tweet regarding the state of open format DJ infrastructure in North America. We wind down the interview hearing about their college radio days on the legendary Stylistic Endeavours show. Tune in now, and don’t forgot to rate the podcast and spread the word!