On the season finale of THE FIX, we catch up with legendary DJ Nu-Mark! Nu gives us the background on how he got into DJing, which was heavily house party oriented. We go behind the scenes in the making of one his legendary Jurassic 5 beats, “What’s Golden”. We dive deeper into his production, including hearing about his Rhythm Roulette episode. Nu-Mark shares his Red Bull 3Style experience in Taipei, and how he came back majorly inspired from the competitors sets. Of course, we had to chat about his Zodiac Tracks series and gain some insights into that whole process. The notorious crate digger tell us about how his digging habits have changed over the years, and how he might go broke if he were to live in Toronto with all the heat Cosmos Records carries. Uncle Nu shares some stories about being in the studio with Kanye, Method Man and his new TRDMRK EP. Tune into this jam packed episode to hear these stories and a bunch more gems.