JAYEMKAYEM visits The Fix studio for a candid interview in episode 9. Jayem has been killing the game for the past few years, and we get to dive into her personal and professional story. We cover the oft-debated topic of requests (and how not to do it), the DJ’s role in breaking records these days, the shortage of quality full album projects vs compilations of singles, getting her start spinning, first time playing out in just 2015, and her meteoric rise since. She is also the first guest we’ve had who primarily uses CDJs, so we get some insight into her preferred setup using Rekordbox + USB drive with no laptop! Balancing skills with marketing, and the current landscape of influencer culture. We chat about the importance of radio, how it seems to be lacking these days, and some of her current projects including iStoleTheSoulFM and an upcoming curation at NXNE. We also get personal and talk about Jayemkayem’s upbringing from UK to Hong Kong to Calgary, culture, language, past relationships and more!

Jayemkayem is all over social media (we think we’ve covered them here)…