On the season finale of THE FIX, we welcome “DJ Stimulus”, or as you might know him – Skratch Bastid. Pull up, kick back and enjoy this in-depth conversation with this legendary DJ. We hear about Bastid’s early exposure to music from his diverse cultural upbringing, his first cassette tape (Shaq) and how Wu-tang changed the game for him. He talks about how he started to hone his skills through early Q-Bert/Invisible Scratch Piklz videos, his mom encouraging him to enter his first battle and some of his influences (and competition) from those days. We get into the details of his time at Scribble Jam, including his now infamous Imperial March Star Wars routine and how it went viral at the time on sites like ebaumsworld. Bastid gives young DJs some golden advice when it comes to performance routines and battles – don’t save it! He tells us about DJing alongside the legendary DJ Cash Money, and how that one night had such a tremendous impact on how he approached his craft. This episode wouldn’t be complete without chatting about #BastidsBBQ and his involvement with Red Bull 3style. We wrap up the show by coming full circle with a couple great stories involving SHAQ and RZA, and also chat about what’s next for the Bastid – which includes his desire to give back to our community and some of the projects he working on to facilitate this. Oh, and we’re running a likkle contest, so listen up!

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