We welcome Pat Drastik of @thuglimusic on the latest episode of THE FIX. Pat kicks off the interview by breaking down our nation’s history ??. We then jump right into it, Pat tells us about his early influences, how skateboarding videos influenced his music taste, being the only rap kid growing up, his early fashion swag, and being picked on. We chat about meeting his now partner in crime, Tom Wrecks, through skateboarding, and convincing him to buy turntables. He would then reverse engineer what he was hearing DJs do on the radio, mixtapes, and video. Pat reveals his motivation for moving to Toronto; it’s not exactly what you’d expect. Next up, we chat THUGLI origins, and how he and Tom agreed that they would treat this music thing as a real 9-5 job. Their heavy influence from the bouncy beats of southern rap, before trap was really a thing. How the group’s sound has been constantly evolving. Naturally, we chat about how Pat got into production. His gear setup, learning/stepping up chord progressions. Learning to play piano complete with an insanely detailed description of Pat wrapping his head around it. Pat breaks down his extensive foray into the battling scene and his experience at DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Playlist retreat. The conversation naturally transitions into the importance of establishing personal relationships and simply being nice. We wrap¬†our interview up by getting into Pat’s “mild” gear and sneaker obsession.